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Big Box Injury Firm

     Big Box Injury Firm is a full service business class law firm producing life changing results for victims of personal injury and car accidents since 2014. If you are looking for a true attorney that can deliver multi million dollar settlement, then you are in the right place. We provide high quality legal services, excellent client services, and consistently produce the type of results that former clients say exceeded their expectations. We are extremely focused on being good at what we do, and proving it to you with the results we deliver. Our priority is to provide you with the quality of service that we would want for ourselves, mothers, daughters, sons, brothers, and fathers. We are committed to putting the law on your side; so that you can reap the benefits that the law offers everyone. Prince Georges County is the perfect location to live, work, play, and obtain justice.   Big Box Injury firm is a proud subsidiary of The Law Office of Jermaine D Hammonds, LLC, a traditional law office serving individuals injured in car accidents and serious personal injuries since 2014. Please visit  

     Your life is extremely important to us, and we put ourselves in your shoes as we work for you.  It is with that mindset that we serve you. Attorney Jermaine D Hammonds ensures that every client receives business class service, and if not, he personally addresses the issue. Everyone's call gets returned promptly and everyone's case moves toward settlement on a weekly basis without the client having to do anything other than focus on healing. 

     The legal professionals at Big Box Injury Firm understand all to well how confused you may be feeling when it comes to making sure you get everything you are entitled to under the law. We are here to protect your rights and to fight in your corner. You don’t have to suffer in silence if the law is on your side. 

     Big Box Injury Firm will provide you with an initial consultation to see if and how we can serve your interests. Legal cases (and even just the language) can be complicated and intimidating. I will guide you through every step of your case, keeping you right up to date, making sure you understand exactly what is going on, and advising you on every decision that needs to be made. Big Box Injury Firm keeps you involved and updated. We are here to serve you. We are proud to have been protecting the rights of the victims of car accident and various personal injury since 2014. View what many have to say about Big Box Injury at home page. Call today and schedule a free consultation.

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Big Box Injury Firm

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