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Total Loss 

Total Loss

If your vehicle was a total loss, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find out how much your car or truck was worth. There are a few ways that you can accomplish this. A great place to start is to visit a couple of websites that advertise vehicles for sale. Search for the same year, make, model, and mileage, and record the sales price. Repeat this step at least 3 times until you have a few comparable vehicles. You can take the median of the 3 prices, and that is your baseline. On top of that amount, add in any taxes, tags, and dealer charges that you paid when you bought your vehicle. The following websites offer great search engines for new and used vehicles:

Another way to determine the fair value of your vehicle is to use a search engine specifically designed for that. The value of your vehicle will largely depend on the condition of your vehicle, and whether or not it is considered a trade in, or a private transaction between a buyer and seller. This includes dealerships. The trade in value is much less, so you will want to focus on the private transaction value. The following websites offer great search tools to find out your vehicles value:

At The Law Office of Jermaine D. Hammonds, we offer legal assistance in order to ensure that you are fairly compensated for the loss of your vehicle. Give us a call and find out how we may be of service to you. If we are already handling your case, we offer this service free of charge.

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