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Auto Insurance in Maryland

As an injury attorney that handles thousands of auto accidents on a routine basis- I will be the first to tell you that buying car insurance is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself, your friends, and family. As you know, all it takes is one poor decision on the road and the result can be devastating. The legislature in Maryland (and in many other states as well) knew this and issued a law that requires all drivers and vehicle owners to carry proof of valid and up to date auto insurance. That said, you should not buy the lowest priced auto insurance. You will want to purchase the most comprehensive policy available. The policy that you purchase should have at least 100,000 worth of coverage for bodily injury and at least 5,000.00 in personal injury protection benefits. Of course, in Maryland, the minimum amount required is 30,000.00 but that amount will go quickly if you cause an accident and injure someone. Hopefully it never happens but if it did, you could stand to lose your home, savings, and could even have your wages garnished. To make matters worse, the State will fine you for every day that you do not have any insurance. That is why it is extremely important to purchase insurance, but you should definitely get more than the minimum coverage. The difference in the policy premium is very small, and it will make a huge difference when you need it. You should also make sure that you have full coverage on your vehicle. That way you can get your car repaired or replaced under virtually any circumstance. Drive safe and be well!

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