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Can you recover for bodily injury if you were an occupant in the middle car in a three car pile up?

It depends on what the rest of the evidence suggests. Most importantly, the testimony of the occupants of the first car in the line of cars. If the occupants in the first car state that they felt two impacts, then most likely the occupants of the second car will not be able to prove their case of negligence against the 3rd car in line. However, if the occupants in the first car state that they only felt one impact, then it tends to suggest that the third car slammed into the second and then those two slammed into the first as one collision. In that case, the occupants of the second car would also be a victim of the third cars negligence. Each of the occupants in the first car and second car would be in a position to recover from the driver of the rear car. Either way, if you sustained a bodily injury as a result of a car accident, please call The Law Office of Jermaine D. Hammonds at (301) 706-8835 for a free consultation.

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